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New address will be :

Happy New Year everyone! We're announcing the shut down of our forums today at the 4th of January at 11 am (GMT+1). Your account will be migrated to our new system by the next two months. When we push the new system to our production service you will receive an email about resetting your password and verifying your details.
For support please use our email: support(at)
For issue reporting please provide the following information:

  • (If Epic Games Marketplace Asset please provide a valid payment receipt)
  • Actual Behavior
  • Expected Behavior
  • Log Files
  • (Optional) Screenshots
  • (Optional) Videos
  • (Optional) A description what you did last before the issue occurred
    We need this information to track the issue down. Before release, we test our products very hard to make sure the quality of our product is fine. Only with the provided information, we can make sure if it’s a problem with the product or a problem on your side. We answer only to valid support requests. We will provide further information about our new system soon.

    -Dev Team